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Mizu no hana

Minako is at the age where her father is more like an alien to her than a person. The situation is exacerbated when he comes home drunk one night and tries to climb on top of her. Minako's mother deserted them for another man when Minako was a child. Now working as a hostess, she has little time for her own six year-old daughter, Yu, Minako's half sister. Both girls are yearning for their mother's love. Minako runs into Yu at a game center in the mall and proposes they take a trip. She changes out of her school uniform and into adult clothes and the pair hops on an overnight bus out of the city.


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Water Flower (2005)
Rating: 7.2/10 (16 votes)
Director: Yusuke Kinoshita
Writer: Yusuke Kinoshita
Stars: Azusa Hibino Asuka Kurosawa Tomi Nakaho Himawari Ono
Runtime: 92 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Drama
Released: 05 Aug 2005
Plot: A portrait of the relationship between Minako, a girl in junior high deserted by her mother when she was young, and Yu, Minako's younger half-sister who loves to ballet dance. On a whim, ...