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A Fat Wreck

Fat Wreck Chords... The influential music label proud to say they've spent the past 25 years "ruining punk rock". A Fat Wreck tells the story of founders Fat Mike (of the legendary punk band NOFX) and his ex-wife Erin Kelly-Burkett, spanning the birth, growth, struggles, and survival of the Fat Wreck Chords label.

Archival footage mixes with modern-day interviews to recount the history and influence of the iconic punk record label, Fat Wreck Chords.


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A Fat Wreck (2016)
Rating: 7.6/10 (65 votes)
Director: Shaun Colon
Writer: N/A
Stars: Fat Mike Erin Burkett Joey Cape Laura Jane Grace
Runtime: 88 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Documentary
Released: 04 Feb 2017
Plot: This feature length documentary film follows the early history of Fat Wreck Chords, from its founding by Fat Mike and his then wife Erin Burkett, through its cultural zenith in the late 1990's.